The ViPower SRPF, or Single Rotary Powered Feeder, range of products was designed to provide a simple, rather cheap feeding solution, in a small machine. The machine has a high frequency motor (3000 RPM) which is suspended in an oscillating isolator. Therefore it will produce a small stroke and thus nearly no vibration in the support frame. This allows you to place the machine anywhere you like, without worrying about transmitted vibrations. It can be designed as a tubular feeder.

















The ViPower TRPF, or Twin Rotary Powered Feeder, range of products is based on two contra rotating vibratory motors, which will provide a uni-directional vibrating force. Combined with the 1000 1500 RPM this will provide a bigger stroke than the SRPF and thus can be used for higher capacities and tougher material. The machine is available in a variety of models, with or without top cover, to suit your application where the product needs to be fed, conveyed or dosed. It is mounted on oscillating isolators, which will minimise vibration onto structures.







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